Pop Into Hollywood-Emerson College Los Angeles


New Entertainment Site What’s Poppin’ Hits Hollywood

“What’s Poppin’ ” is “the new voice of entertainment in Hollywood,” Emerson College Los Angeles (ELA) announced on Tuesday.

“What’s Poppin,’ “ staffed by Emerson’s top seniors in the fields of journalism, communications, theater performance and writing/literature/publishing, plans to bring a unique Gen Z perspective to a competitive world of Hollywood trade publications dominated by Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadine and TheWrap.

The publication has chosen a unique theme of popped corn to exemplify its unique connection to pop culture. Our staff reporters are known as the Poppers because they have a finger on the pulse of all things pop.

The publication is entering the field during Hollywood’s COVID-19-delayed Awards Season, which culminates with the Academy Awards on April 25.  The Poppers are following the nominees in the press and on social media to find out how they’re coping as the big day approaches.

The publication has not revealed its planned features but is launching with “The Buzz,” a weekly round-up of entertainment industry highlight. Critics are already comparing the feature to the well-known insider column Page Six.


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